More fun, easier and better care for your patients by using ultrasound in your daily work.

Enjoy what point-of-care ultrasound has to offer

Deus ex machina: ancient Greek and Roman scholars already knew difficult plots of historic tragedies could be solved by introducing machines that aid mankind. This of course is still true today and very similar to how the arrival of the point-of-care ultrasound technology has improved the working satisfaction of many caring medical professionals by increasing their ability to expedite and improve quality of care of their patients.

We at DEUS believe the importance lies in showing how. Our didactic courses are unique in the fact that they are designed by clinicians with the emphasis on teaching you how to successfully integrate the best theoretical and practical point-of-care ultrasound skills in your own daily clinical practice. 

We invite you to join the more than a thousand colleagues that have already graduated from our courses and have successfully begun to improve their working pleasure by performing point-of-care ultrasound themselves.

Today we offer more then 13 types of point-of-care ultrasound courses, specifically targeted at the specialties working in point-of-care situations: A combined trauma and non-trauma Basic Emergency Ultrasound course, Advanced Emergency Ultrasound course, Point-of-Care Ultrasound course for Internists, Echo Guided Life SupportUltrasound in Nephrology,  Basic Cardiac UltrasoundThoracic Ultrasound, Pediatric UltrasoundUltrasound guided nerve blocks , Ultrasound for VS & PA’s, Ultrasound for GP’s & Elderly Care Physicians, Peripheral Vascular Access, curriculum oriented practicing Supervised Scanning Courses and in-company courses adjusted to local group needs.

In answer to specific demand we currently are working on new courses to broaden the possibilities of point-of-care ultrasound training within and beyond the emergency care setting. We are connecting with collaborative partners in many different medical and educational fields and are expected to launch news interesting courses in the years to come.

If you share our passion for ultrasound, even if you’re just in the beginning phase, don’t hesitate to contact DEUS and discover how together we can develop a specific program!

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Certified Training Institution

DEUS is accredited by the CRKBO (Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs). Admittance into this register is exclusive to qualified experts that operate within their field by the quality code and regulations set by the Dutch government and the European Union. Registration only occurs after an expert passing an audit by an independent body designated by the Dutch Government.