DEUS is proud to work with many other point-of-care ultrasound enthusiasts focussing on improving patient health!  Together we endeavor to keep providing the best possible state-of-the-art theoretical and practical knowledge transfer for medical professionals across the board and help them experience the benefits for their patients when using ultrasound in their daily care.

GE is our preferred state of the art ultrasound equipment supplier at our main teaching facility in Houten (NL).




QT is our location, hosting, adminstrative and facility partner in Houten (NL).


ExpertCollege is our e-learning developing and environment specialist for the DEUS system of blended learning.


ExpertFolio is our DEUS digital online portfolio specialist. This offers individual portfolio safekeeping, image storage and supervising opportunities for DEUS clients and certification processes.



DARA, the Dutch Association for Regional Anesthesia partners with DEUS to provide excellent cross-specialty ultrasound guided nerveblock training.


SonoSkills - Musculoskeletaal echografie onderwijs voor eerste- en tweedelijns zorgprofessionals.




Bilateraal is onze IT and webdevelopment specialist.