• Ultrasound Podcast – the ultimate ultrasound podcast resource
  • SonoMojo – very diversatile ultrasound website with on-line curriculum
  • 5minSono – nice website with short how-to-do videos, reference values, literature overview
  • Sonoguide: Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Physicians – offers a description of each bedside US application, ultrasound images and videos – all to train and review US utility for aiding diagnosis, management and treatment by Dr, Beatrice Hoffman
  • DEUS Timers
  •  SonoWorld – a comprehensive site that includes hundreds of lectures, cases, videos, and articles that includes basic bedside ultrasound applications, but goes beyond that to satisfy the needs of all US enthusiasts.
  • SonoSpot – Topics in Bedside Ultrasound; a place where the interesting, funny, cool and geeky meet to share their tips/tricks/knowledge of and adventures with bedside focused EM ultrasound.
  • Emergency Ultrasonography – a comprehensive website geared to emergency physicians that contains many lectures, cases, and educational content that can be used by residencies for the didactic portion of ultrasound education by Dr, Geoff Hayden.
  • HQMedEd – Ultrasound section of HQMedEd
  • ACEP – Ultrasound section of the American College of Emergency Physcians, including the core curriculum and resources
  • AIUM – The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine is a multidisciplinary medical association of more than 9000 physicians, sonographers, scientists, students, and other health care providers
  • SAEM Academy of Emergency Ultrasound – an international forum bringing together clinician sonologists with the common goal of advancing patient care and safety through the use of bedside ultrasound. Sinai EM Ultrasound – a complete site of free online lectures, cases, research articles, and news on bedside ultrasound topics by Dr. Bret Nelson.
  • Society of US in Medical Education – SUSME learning modules and curriculum databases with a long lecture list on all basic bedside ultrasound topics that allows the learner to control the pace of the lecture.
  • Vanderbilt’s EM Ultrasound – a collection of brief lectures on each bedside ultrasound topic in a well-organized way with quizzes that can be taken to test your knowledge by Dr. Jim Fiechtl
  • BestBets Ultrasound – Ultrasound related BestBet’s.
  • Winfocus – the world leading scientific organization committed to developing point-of-care ultrasound practice throughout in-hospital and out-of-hospital critical scenarios
  • MGH Emergency Ultrasound – educational website with cases and tutorial video materials
  • Ultrasoundpaedia – extensive ultrasound specific anatomy and pathology knowledge and image resource
  • Radiopaedia – extensive broad radiology imaging knowledge and image resource, not only ultrasound
  • – ICU Sonography website from a Medical ICU group in India
  • TheUltrasoundSite – Online learning MSK
  • ProbeUltrasound – real-life MSK Ultrasound cases
  • Ultrasound of the Week – Podcast on ultrasound cases of the critically ill
  • Ultrasound Cases – teaching file with a large number of general ultrasound cases
  • Gastric Ultrasound – website dedicated to gastric ultrasound
  • EMUGS – group of enthusiastic ultrasound users and supporters in the Emergency Department’s of the Greater Sydney area
  • Emergency Ultrasound Training – Lectures, content and cases on emergency ultrasound
  • FPNotebook – Ultrasound section of the Family Practice Notebook
  • POCUS Ireland – Dedicated to the development of point of care ultrasound in Ireland
  • SonoPhysio – Lung ultrasound training site
  • ACE4US – Asynchronous Crowdsourced Education for Clinical Ultrasound. FOAM US curriculum
  • The Radiology Assistant – Educational site of the Radiological Society
    of the Netherlands
  • POCUS-grams by Clinical Care Northhampton
  • Ultrasound Idiots – open educational resource for the clinical application of point-of-care ultrasound.

Critical en Intensive Care

  • Critical care sono – Critical Care Ultrasonography Forum from Beth Israel New York’s Division
  • HEMS –  Critical Care Ultrasound Training resources from the Greater Sydney Area Helicopter EM Service
  • ICM Teaching – covers a wide range of topics in Intensive Care Medicine and Ultrasound
  • UltrasoundCriticalCare – forum to promote learning, knowledge sharing, and propel providers to utilize ultrasonography at the bedside to improve patient care
  • HQMedEd – Vimeo cases critical care and EM
  • Ultrasound.Guide – Build sonography knowledge, the lessons feature multimedia sonography presentations with instructor voice and text narration




  • SonoCloud – Ultrasound clips and image resource from the Ultrasound Podcast

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